Friday, January 27, 2012

(written 05.02.08—4:59 a.m.)

stay up ’til 430 taking care of myself
watch a dawson’s creek rerun on tbs in its Siberia timeslot
flip to fox five morning show at six to see jodi applegate
(mmmm, jodi applegate)
calculating when to sleep to get today ok,
with each hour it going from getting a four-hour rem cycle
to a two-hour nap
to a fighting passing out get to bed at a decent hour
to a don’t watch the smallville, the office, and 30 rock you taped tonight,
they’re on a tape, you control them, dig?
to a stay up ’til 5 taking care of myself
finishing the last of the diet sunkist on fresh ice,
and then caffeine free diet pepsi
to chris carlin’s morning warm-up on sports radio 66 wfan sleeps me.

(written 05.03.08—12:46 a.m.)

something’s telling me it might be you
two free cans of diet sprite (from the $15-plus taco bandito delivery)
beneath my hardback wooden school chair
next to that 24 ounce plastic mets tumbler I grabbed off the floor
after the brewers game last month
then soaked in hot soapy water
before thoroughly washing it out
that 24 ounce plastic mets tumbler 3/4-loaded with two different size ice cubes
the last taste of that no-wrapped from the stack slice of American cheese
in my, on my bottom teeth
maybe it’s you

05.06.08—3:11 p.m.

“And now, my always question, what’s happening in yr home?”
I asked Brenda Iijima,
it undergoing a constant renovation

“Toshi is putting on his Jimi Hendrix shirt,” she said,
“that means he’s getting ready to concrete.”

“That’s two lines of a poem,” I told her:

“Toshi is putting on his Jimi Hendrix shirt,
that means—he’s getting ready to concrete.”

“Now he’s getting latex gloves,” she said, “gotta go.”